Ocorrência de ectoparasitas no roedor Oligoryzomys microtis em regiões ao norte do Departamento de La Paz, Bolívia


The objective of this work was to map and describe the occurrence of rodents and their ectoparasites in regions to the North of the department of La Paz in Bolivia. From April to May and July to August 2017, 80 Oligoryzomys microtis rodents were captured and 36 random samples of their ectoparasites were analyzed, totaling 458 ectoparasites.

Rodents were captured in two types of environments: secondary forest and crops areas, being the second one with greater amount of capture of rodents. Among the ectoparasites, Laelaps sp was the genus with the highest abundance and Mysolaelaps sp with the highest prevalence; the genus Polygenis sp is apparently described for the first time in the Amazon rainforest, requiring more studies to better understand the pathogens transmitted in the parasitism of this flea in rodents due to their importance in the ecosystem and public health.

ectoparasites; Oligoryzomys; rodents

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