The behavioral responses of the Chiguanco thrush to urbanization in a Neotropical city comes from preadapted behavioral traits, Dryad, Dataset


An adult Chiguanco Thrush (Turdus chiguanco) captured with a mist net in an urban public green space in the city of La Paz,Bolivia (spring, 2016), and temporarily kept in captivity for four days for the evaluation of problem-solving skills.

We built two types of problem solving boxes made of translucent white plastic. The one on the videotape is called a «tube test» (5 cm high × 5 cm wide × 20 cm long), it had an opening on one side, inside the tunnel was a wooden stick (25 cm) with a hook attached to the end that was outside the tunnel, we put the food on the other end of the stick, the one that was inside the tunnel. The bird needed to realize that the only way to get to the food was to pull the stick with its beak using the hook. We videotaped the tests with a GoPro HERO camera from the first approach until the bird solved the test.

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